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Indian Red Clay Curry pot Small

₹86 ₹82

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Black Curry Clay Pot, Cookware, Servewareiu Non-toxic, Eco-friendly 100% Natural Clay Size - Small Weight - 0.55 kg Width - 6.5 inches Disclaimer: Colour, shape and size may slightly vary as each item is handcrafted, contributing to its unique nature.

  • Category : Cookware
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  • Net Content : 1
  • Country of origin : India
  • Product code : 132931-124859
  • Product Information

    Indian clay curry pot or simply chatti is a must have in your kitchen to make your curry more flavorsome, delicious and healthy. Be it the spicy fish curry or luscious chicken curry or creamy vegetable stews or a saucy prawn curry or tantalizing pasta, these curry pots will cook these dishes to perfection, imparting a unique earthy aroma and taste that enhances the overall culinary experience. 


    Cooking in a clay curry pot has heat retention properties, facilitating  slow cooking that enriches flavors of spices and retains moisture resulting in well cooked vegetables and succulent meat. It is a healthier option as it uses less oil and helps to retain the nutritional value of the food as it is naturally non-reactive in nature. Compared to modern cookware, clay pots are sustainable and environment friendly. 


    The clay used for making our product is sourced from North Kerala and  handcrafted by skilled artisans making each piece unique. Our product is lead-free, and no harmful glazing materials are used, making it safer to use. The clay pots can be used on a gas stove and a wood-fired stove.

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